How it works?

The renter looks at online properties and filters the search if wanted. If the property is available on the requested dates, enter the dates you want to book in the right block and tick on ‘book now!. You can subscribe on the next page.To be able to rent you need to become a member, non-members can see the properties, but can’t book online.

Neden tatil evlerim?

- After becoming a member sign in and make a booking.
- On this page you can see the reservation details and dates will be reminded.
- Please enter your phone number and confirm the code you receive as a text message on the screen to verify
- You can pay with credit card and even in installments if requested.
- Please look at the cancellation policies carefully.

Kredi kartı ile ödeme

On the next page your credit card details will be asked.

- Payment will be received by Tatil Evlerim
- Payment to the property owner will be done 24 hours after guests have arrived in case there are no problems / complaints
- This way both property owner and guests are protected.